We're building the financial health of healthcare professionals

Paycheck auto-deductions

Our Vision

Healthcare professionals rack up tremendous credit card and student loan debt while they complete their education, which negatively impacts their access to financial tools and services when they graduate. We think that making a career out of helping others deserves more than that.

With our unique payroll-linked products, we can accelerate their path to financial success by providing access to services to these professionals who might otherwise not qualify.

Plannery was founded by leaders who believe that everyone should have a shot at financial freedom.

Krishnan Gopalakrishnan

Krishnan drives the product vision and is responsible for customer experience. He founded Plannery after 20 years in consumer finance in both startups and large corporations. He was drawn to the particular challenges among healthcare professionals when it comes to managing money when one of the earlier products he built (a financial planning app) saw significant organic interest from the healthcare community. 

His #1 piece of financial advice is to automate your finances. The more out of sight/out of mind, the higher likelihood of building wealth in the long term.

Start your journey to a debt-free future.